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Both state and federal laws protect workers from wage theft. Yet unpaid wages are an increasingly large problem across numerous industries. Employers often attempt to misclassify workers to avoid paying overtime wages or to deny benefits, including health insurance and retirement. Many workers are forced to work off-the-clock, or do not have adequate meal and rest breaks. Some employees, particularly in the service industry, may not be receiving minimum wage.

You have the Legal Right to Pay for all Hours Worked

All of the above practices are violations of your employment rights. If you have not received the pay you are owed, other workers may have experienced similar wage theft. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers must pay most employees time-and-a-half for all hours worked over 40 in a week, including in many cases commissioned employees and workers who earn tips.

If you have experienced wage theft or unpaid overtime, you have the power to fight back. Thomas & Solomon LLP, is an employee rights advocate that has a significant record of accomplishment in wage and hour claims. We hold employers accountable.

Based in Rochester, New York, our lawyers will work diligently to obtain you the compensation you are owed by law anywhere in the country. We have successfully recovered millions in damages for our clients; we will work hard to get you the money you are owed.

Resolute Advocates in the Fight to Obtain Your Unpaid Wages

We regularly help employees across industries recover the compensation they deserve. Depending on the state you live in, you could potentially recover compensation for:

  • All unpaid wages
  • Liquidated damages ("double damages")
  • Attorney's fees
  • Costs associated with taking legal action
  • Interest on unpaid wages
  • Punitive damages (damages meant to deter future similar behavior)

Not all of these types of damages may be available in your case. To discuss what compensation you may be owed for unpaid wages, contact us at 585-272-0540 or our toll free number 1-877-272-4066 .

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