At the Forefront of the Law on Employment Contracts and Restrictive Covenants

Employment contracts substantially impact employees' rights during their employment with the employer, after their employment ends, or both. Because important rights are at stake, employees should have any contract they are considering signing reviewed by an attorney beforehand. The attorneys at Thomas & Solomon LLP routinely review employment contracts and stay on top of the legal landscape governing employment contracts.

Our knowledgeable lawyers regularly provide counsel and review regarding:

  • Severance and separation agreements
  • Employment and executive contracts
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Restrictive covenants

Based in Rochester, New York, our attorneys have built a national reputation for outstanding advocacy on behalf of employees across industries and professions. For questions regarding your particular situation, reach our office at 585-272-0540. You can also read more about our employment contract services below.

Severance and Separation Agreements

The primary purpose of a severance, or separation, agreement is to get an employee to waive his or her rights under federal and state laws regarding potential legal claims, including workplace discrimination. To avoid those claims, the employer offers money in exchange for not taking legal action.

If you have been offered severance pay, it is highly advised that you first contact a knowledgeable and experienced employment law attorney before signing anything. Waiving your legal rights under state and federal law is nothing to be taken lightly. We can ensure your financial and legal interests are represented. If you feel you have experienced a wrongful dismissal, we will clearly explain your rights and options.

Employment and Executive Agreements

Employment and executive agreements often contain numerous clauses that can significantly affect your compensation, your legal rights and your ability to find work after leaving the employer. Thomas & Solomon LLP, can walk you through the entire agreement with an eye toward protecting your current and future financial interests.

Restrictive Covenants

Through restrictive covenants, employers have employees agree not to do something, such as not compete with the employer or not to solicit customers, and those restrictions often last well beyond the end of employment with the employer. For that reason, these kinds of restrictions could have a significant impact on an employee's future job prospects, livelihood and career.

If you are asked to sign an agreement containing these kinds of restrictions, we can help you understand what you are being asked to give up so that you can evaluate whether you want to sign it. If you have already signed one of these agreements, we can help you understand how your rights are affected. Either way, it is important that you understand what the agreement is and your options.

Overall, we can help you evaluate your best course of action when it comes to restrictive covenants.

We Offer Confidential and Thorough Case Evaluations

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